The world is about to witness what it’s been missing from Hip Hop for a long long time. GOOD MUSIC!!! Introducing X.E.L. OHH (XTRA ENHANCED LYRIST OF HIP HOP). X. is a talented artist that talks about real situations that people can feel in his music.

This Brooklyn bread Emcee has a flow that mesmerizes crowds. X. has spent years honing his gift of music “It’s the gift that keeps on giving there’s no one that sounds quite like me” X.  I will let you know that the statement made is true. X. has delivery, bars and a voice that melt the mic like butter on a hot stove.  I know it sounds a little corny but its true.

X started working with a producers like MIGIDI MAC and the ATEAM which consisted of ROB LO and DEE. As his views of life and manhood changed, a new artist was born… X.E.L. OHH!!!! Working with new people and meeting all the underground heads in Brooklyn a new talent had emerged with raw lyrics and talent undeniable. Everyone that heard him knew he would be a force to reckon with some day. X.E.L. picked up and left for TX to further his music career and create his own sound for the masses.

Always having to show and prove has defiantly paid off. X. has done countless shows and interviews with his forever growing fan base

Ducks Fly South

With his debut release of “DUCKS FLY SOUTH”, X.E.L. painted the perfect canvas, taking you inside stories that felt so real, you just had to close your eyes as his world unfolded before you. This is a talent some Emcees long for… Comes easy for others… Impossible for many.

9D's Mixtape

He followed up with a mix tape for the masses, entitled 9D’S, blending some of the most classic beats from the golden era of hip hop with his own brilliant lyrical concepts. Hosted by Da Hitman, the album had 1200 downloads within 24hrs of it’s release. Recently X.E.L. seen a need to once again provide verbal nutrition to the industries musical junk-food infestation. The never resting juggernaut is currently putting the final gloss on his 2nd original album, GROCERIES, which leaked into the local market, already promises to be another classic…

Xcellent EQ Levels

X. didn’t stop there he continued to do music in different ways. X. has always been a producer for himself and other so he dropped a Beat take named Xcellent EQ Levels with freshly crafted beats for all kinds X. has once again found a way to reach different artist and people.

Digging Deeper

X. started digging deeper into entertainment and started doing graphics, flyers and videos for himself and others.


Oh did I forget to tell you about the Videos… Yes X. does videos as well. X. has been doing video for a while now getting better and better with every video produced. X. has even done typography videos. Yes the man has skill.

So let break it down X. is a artist, producer, song writer, engineer, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, etc.. if it has something to do with entertainment he probably does it let’s leave it at that.

X. is working on his new project “Im A Hater. This promises to be one of X’s best piece of work to date. This is a show and prove project no out side help at all. So the production, lyrics, graphics, mixing, and mastering will all be done by X. no features or any outside assistance. “I just want to see what I can do by myself, I do it all anyway let’s just see how far I can go.” X.